*ATTENTION EVERYONE* I never thought I would have to do this.. My 15 year old sister is missing… She’s been gone for almost 2 weeks now, and her location is unknown. She lives in the Dallas, Texas area but could be ANYWHERE. Please reblog. It could save her life. I may not have many followers but I hope I have a few that will try to help me.. Please please please spread this. Get the word out. Bring my sister home. Please.. Just one reblog could save her life..

Realigning now.
Good luck!



Hello followers, new and old,

Thank you for being so wonderful and supporting me through this crazy, incredible journey. It has been surreal.

I want to tell you that as far as a personal blog, this is endeavor is finished. I have a much broader audience, and I’m not so sure I’m comfortable…

I saw a posting in fb from you. It was a reposting, sharing thing.
It showed your manifesto.
It was an up yours to all of your haters.
I saw it and appreciated it.

I myself was husky kid.
Nice term for fat boy.

Hated that.

Since then.

I have lost then gained then lost then really regained. Back n forth a few times. I became the “big guy”.
Large construction fella.

Now ts king steps for gastric surgery.

Only for my health reasons.

My wife thinks I’m sexy.
I love her.

She is curvy, I love curvy women! Even after my surgery! I will love her and her curves.

I accept who I am. Don’t give a shit what anybody thinks!

However, husky, the big guy all the snide comments are just fn rude.